2019 KODIAK 100 Series II

S/N 100-0271 N271CL

Aircraft Highlights

  • Upgraded Summit Executive Interior Seating
  • TKS Ice Protection
  • 10-Place Oxygen Upgrade
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garmin G1000 Nxi Avionics Suite
  • Flight Stream 510
Total Time Since New
Airframe 40 Hrs

Options Installed on KODIAK S/N 271

Kodiak Series II Standard Equipped Aircraft (Series II Paint Scheme allover white with black and silver stripes) $2,150,000
External baggage compartment $94,500
TKS Ice Protection System (Tank in Cargo Pod) $124,500
29” Tire Combo $1,750
GTS 800 TAS/WX-500 Stormscope Package $28,700
GDL 69A-XM Data Link with Audio Infotainment $6,950
ChartView Enable Card $5,000
Surface Watch Enable Card $5,000
Summit Interior (Warm Brown),included 5 passenger seats, 10 place oxygen system $105,000
Optional 6th Summit Passenger Seat $18,500
Bose A20 Headset (Passenger) (x2) $2,190
Air Conditioning $42,500
Total Retail Price as Optioned $2,584,590

Detailed Specifications


Garmin G1000NXi Integrated Avionics Suite:

(2) Primary Flight Displays – PFD
Multifunction Display – MFD
All three are next gen, high resolution 10. inch displays
Enhanced Map HIS
Integrated VFR & IFR Charts
Vertical Situation Display w/ flight path & terrain
Visual Reporting Points
Flight plan auto-nomination on startup
Transition to approach capability
Visual approach capability
Garmin Flight Stream 510 wireless connectivity between mobile device and G1000NXi
FIS-B Weather
Wireless Database Update capability
Dual 16 Watt Transceivers
Dual VOR/ILS Receivers
Dual GPS Receivers
Dual ADC
Engine Instruments (Fully integrated in the G1000NXI)
Flight Instruments (Other than what is integrated in the G1000NXI)

4-in-1 Electronic Standby

  Turn Coordinator
  Compass, Magnetic
  Dual Pilot/Static Systems
  Dual Pilot Heat
  Angle of Attack (AOA) Indexer


Flight Controls
Flight Control System, Pilot and Co-Pilot
Flight Control Lock
Wing Flaps, Electric
Flap Indicator integrated into G1000NXI
Electric Trim System (Aileron, Rudder, Elevator)
Automatic Flap Configuration Trim
Hydraulic Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Heat, Cabin Bleed Air
Forward ECS system
Defrost (Pilot and Co-Pilot)
Ventilation (Fresh Air)
Forward and Aft Blowers
Ventilators, Adjustable (4 Panel Mounted, 8 Passenger)
Sound Proofing
2-place Oxygen


HID Landing Lights (RH-LH Leading Edge)
Taxi Lights with Pulse, LED (RH-LH Leading Edge)
Navigation Lights (2), LED
Strobes (2), Wingtip Mounted, LED
Instrument Lighting
Glareshield Light
Switch, C/B and Fuel Selector Lighting
Overhead Flood (Pilot and Co-Pilot)
Main Cabin Flood Light (4)
Passenger Reading Lights (8)
Beacon (LED)
Engine PWC PT6A-34 (750 SHP, 4000 HR TBO)
Cowling Inlet Plug
Engine Wash Ring (Integral)
Engine Mount with Vibration Isolation
Oil Cooler, High Capacity
Cowling, Rigid (Easily Opened, Side Cowls)
Igniter System
Intake Inertial Separator (Electric) w/Backup
Overspeed Governor
Full Feathering, Hartzell Prop, 4-Blade Aluminum, Constant Speed (Full Feathering, 96″ Hartzell)
Spinner, Polished
Blanket, Firewall
Silencer, Bleed Air
Power Plant Quadrant
Fuel Condition Lever
Power Lever
Prop Lever
Emergency Power Lever
Friction Lock, Quadrant


Electrical Power
(2) Batteries, 24V Sealed Lead Acid
Starter/Generator, 300 Amp
Generator Switch
Master Control Unit w/ High Start
Alternator , Standby 40 Amp
Ground Service Receptacle


Fuel Systems
Fuel Tanks (2) 320 Gallons Total
Fuel Valves, Quick Drain (1 each Tank)
Fuel Valves, Quick Drain (Header Tank)
Fuel Valves, Quick Drain (Fuel Filter)
Fuel Filter, Firewall Mounted
Fuel Vents, Non-Icing (2)
Fuel Caps with Anti-Siphon Doors (4)
Fuel Reservoir with Low Warning
Fuel Selectors (2) (RH-LH)
Fuel Shut Off
Fuel Pump, Engine Driven
Fuel Pump, Aux (electric)
Fuel Quantity Gauges in G1000NXI
Fuel Totalizer in G1000NXI
Float-Type Fuel Level Sensors
Fuel Temperature Indication


Interior - Standard Series II Interior Options
Document Holder
Corrosion Proofing
Non-Slip Flooring
Side Panels, Tundra Trim
Cargo Tiedown Hard Points (42)
Instrument Panel
Seats, Pilot and Co-Pilot, Articulating, Tundra Trim
Four (4) Passenger Seats, Tundra Trim
Shoulder Harnesses, Pilot and Co-Pilot w/ Locking Inertia Reel
Sun Visors
Window, Foul Weather, Pilot’s Door
Inflatable Crew Door Seals
Fire Extinguishers (3)
Four (4) Cabin USB Ports
Crew Door Stays
Cup Holders


Control Surface Bonding Straps
Static Wicks
Corrosion Proofing
Door, Cargo
Door, Pilot 180° Opening
Door, Co-Pilot 180° Opening
Nose Gear, Non-Retractable, Steerable
Main Gear, Non-Retractable
Lock, Key-Operated (One Key Fits All Doors)
Paint Trim Package Standard and Colors (Paint IAW “FS1001, Finish Specification KODIAK 100 )
Exterior”; ref. Section 4. “Aesthetic Considerations”)
Stall Warning
Crew Entry Steps (Fixed External)
Cargo Door Steps
Nose Tire 6.50 x 8*
Main 8.50 x 10*


Loose Equipment Exterior
Pilot’s Operating Handbook
G1000NXI Integrated Flight Deck Cockpit Reference Guide
Hartzell Propeller Owner’s Manual

Aircraft Maintenance Records Logbook includes:

  Weight & Balance
  List of Service Bulletins and 8130-3 forms

Packet of Vendor Manuals; includes:

  Garmin G1000NXI Pilot’s Guide book
  G1000NXI SD Card w/software and configuration
  TAWS Unlock Card
  Enhanced Autopilot Features Unlock Card
  Mid-Continent 4300 Electric Attitude Indicator booklet
  Artex 406 MGz Locator Maintenance Manual
  SVS Unlock Card

Depending on Options chosen:

  WX-500 Stormscope Booklet
  Chartview Unlock Card
  XM Booklett
Axle Jack Point (1)
Jack Pad w/out Pod (2)
Jack Pad w/Pod (2)
Nose Jack point (1)
Flap Rigging Stops (4)
Cargo Attach Fittings (8)
Cargo Straps (4)
Tow Bar (Nose Gear)
Tail Stand

Custom Cover Kit; includes:

  Windshield Cover
  Pitot Tubes (2)
  Engine Inlet Plug
  Prop Tiedowns/Exhaust Covers (2)
  Horizontal Stabilizer
  lightening Hole Plugs (2)
  Lower Cowling Plugs (2)
Rudder Gust Lock
Crew Oxygen Masks and Passenger Oxygen Masks (if a 10-Place Oxygen System is ordered)
Compass Adjusting Tool
Allan Wrenches for Sun Visor (3)
GATS Fuel Tester Jar
Fuel Pipette
Door Keys
Crew Headsets (2 Bose A20)


Aircraft familiarization program for one pilot (Included in Purchase Price)
Mechanic training for one A&P Mechanic (Included in Purchase Price)
Personalized One On One Mentoring with contract pilot available at
additional cost


Warranty and Programs
Pratt & Whitney ESP engine program first 400 hours at no charge
Aircraft familiarization program for one pilot
Mechanic training for one A&P


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